#44 Deviate (DV8)

Our newest issue, #44, is called Deviate (DV8).


Hello world!

FI #44: DV8

We decided it was time to get serious about the internet, so we will eventually abandon our website in favor of this WordPress presence. For obvious reasons – we can add components for Facebook, Twitter, and eventually Pinterest and Goodreads – and for the less-obvious reason that we can’t readily maintain a website using a steadily-rotating staff of graduate student editorial assistants, each bringing their own skill-set to enrich FI. This decade’s skill-set is social media (whereas last decade’s was websites and blogs) so we will adapt to the times we occupy.

We will devote the bulk of our effort to build and maintain the Pages you see above – about, catalog and subscribe. We will maintain the Posts only to provide “breaking” announcements – the latest theme, the latest submission period, the latest volume published, and changes and additions to the Pages. Thus, the Posts will be stark and serviceable while the Pages will be alive and brimming with fiction.

Feel free to comment on the Posts anyway, especially if you have questions for us. Questions about the theme. Questions about your submission. Questions about an issue. All will be answered as thoroughly and promptly as possible.

Questions about the weather? Sorry.

Harold Jaffe, Editor
Beverly Price, Managing Editor