Submit! (To the virtual? To the real?) 
Call for submissions to Fiction International’s Real Time/Virtual issue

The toddler’s pacifier is replaced by a glowing tablet.
Tiny fingers mash into the luminous screen.

the pacifier is replaced by a smart?phone?
It moves from clumsy hands into drooling mouth, the same way a pacifier would,
in this virtual oral stage.

The pacifier mimics the mother’s breast. The source of sustenance.
What kind of milk flows from the burnt fingers/broken lives of the factory workers, down into the glowing screen that protrudes from between the child’s dribbling lips.

If we are born suckling on the virtual, what are we fed?
If we live outside of its reach, are we then real?
Where are you on this spectrum?
What if you are outside of it completely?

Submit your fiction, non-fiction, indeterminate prose, and visuals which address “Real Time/Virtual” to Fiction International. Submissions are open from 9/1/12 to 12/15/12.

Please submit hard copy to:
Harold Jaffe,

Fiction International

Dept of English
San Diego State University

5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA USA 92182-6020

Query: <>


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