Issue #12: Moral Fiction

Issue #12: Moral Fiction

Issue: #12, Moral Fiction


  • A Writers’ Forum on Moral Fiction: Max Apple, John Updike, Gilbert Sorrentino, Gordon Lish, David Madden, Annie Dillard, Clark Blaise, Russell Banks, Kelly Cherry, Frederick Exley, Gordon Weaver, and others


  • Ramsay Wood / from Kalila and Dimna


  • Joyce Carol Oates / Sin
  • Jayne Anne Phillips / The Heavenly Animal
  • Joy Williams / The Pastor
  • Clark Blaise / Man and His World
  • Jean Thompson / The Lost Tribe
  • Elizabeth Inness-Brown / War Song
  • Lee Zacharias / Lessons
  • Elizabeth Cox / Land of Goshen
  • Castle Freeman, Jr. / Seven Prophecies of Egypt
  • Dianne Benedict / The Crows
  • Lamar Herrin / For Years without War
  • Debby Mayer / Paint Job
  • David Long / Eclipse
  • James Park Sloan / Vietnam No Big Deal
  • Curtis Harnack / Creating and Destroying


  • Peter Bailey / Moral Fiction and Metafiction
  • Robert A. Morace / New Fiction, Popular Fiction, and the Middle/Moral Way
  • John Domini / LETTERS and Ethics: The Moral Fiction of John Barth
  • Brian Stonehill / A TRESTLE of LETTERS

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