Issue #16.1

Issue #16.1

Price: $7
Issue: #16.1
Fall 1985
ISBN: 0-916304-96-5


  • Doug Crowell / “Alphabet Soup”
  • Robert Coover / “Melée in the Livingroom”
  • Karen Kevorkian / “Under the Sea”
  • Harrison Fisher / “Jazzz”
  • Megan Macomber / “Live Bait”
  • Raven Hail / “Medicine Lake: The Raven’s Tale of the Great Horned Serpent”
  • William Eastlake / “A Tale of the Alhambra”
  • Nancy Roberts / “The Bruise”
  • Alan H. Friedman / “Paris”
  • Pierre Guyotat / “Eden, Eden, Eden”


  • James Scully / on How to Commit Suicide in South Africa
  • Lori Chamberlain / on Lewis Warsh and Fanny Howe
  • Henry Sayre / on David Antin


  • Walter Dahn and Jiri George Dokoupil / “Seven Shower Pictures” (introduction by John S. Weber)
  • Jenny Holzer / Selections from the “Survival Series”
  • Cover: “Esperanza and Chenaro” from the series En el Liceo, by Marucha (Maria Eugenia Haya), Havana, 1980

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