Issue #16.2: Central American Writing

Issue #16.2: Central American Writing

Issue: #16.2, Central American Writing
Summer/Fall 1986
ISBN: 1-879691-88-4


  • Leonel Rugama / “I am René Espronceda de la Barca”
  • Carmen Naranjo / “Ondina”
  • Margaret Randall / “From Sandino’s Daughters”
  • Arturo Ambrogi / “The Village”
  • Claribel Alegria / “The Last 48 Hours: 15-17 July 1979”
  • Victor Montejo / “The World Needs You”
  • Margaret Randall / “Talking with Ernesto Cardenal”
  • Leonel Rugama / “Six Poems”
  • Benjamin Ramón / “Two Fictions”
  • Alejandro Bravo / “Two Short Stories”
  • Octavio Armand / “Birth Certificates as Fiction”
  • Patricia Eakins / “Death in My Country”
  • Argueles Morales / “Over the Walls”
  • Manlio Argüeta / “Little Red Riding Hood in the Red Zone”
  • Blase Bonpane / “Liberation Theology: Guatemala”
  • Arturo Arias / “Guatemala 1954—Funeral for a Bird”
  • Mario Benedetti / “An Hour with Roque Dalton”
  • Lisa Shipley / “Mortar”
  • Roque Dalton / “Miguel Mármol”
  • Victor Perera / “Kindergarten”
  • Claribel Alegría and D.J. Flakoll / “They’ll Never Take Me Alive: The Salvadoran Woman in the Revolution”
  • Harold Jaffe / “Mussel”


  • Five Books on Guatemala / reviewed by Jean Franco
  • Nicaragua in Revolution and Nicaragua Under Siege / reviewed by Dianne Walta Hart
  • Class Poetry: Five Books from Curbstone Press / reviewed by Dale Jacobson
  • Magic Realism in Nicaragua: Sergio Ramírez / reviewed by Prescott Nichols
  • Reelpolitik: Invention and Intervention in Three U.S. Films on Central America / reviewed by Julianne Burton


  • Central American Revolutionary Posters
  • Four Photographs by Mel Rosenthal
  • Five Cuban Photographs
  • Photographs by Janet Delaney, Margaret Randall, and Susan Meiselas
  • Cover: Nicaraguan revolutionary poster
  • Cover: “Esperanza and Chenaro” from the series En el Liceo, by Marucha (Maria Eugenia Haya), Havana, 1980

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