Issue #19.1: Third World Women Writers

Issue #19.1: Third World Women Writers

Price: $6
Issue: #19.1, Third World Women Writers
Fall 1990
ISBN: 0-916304-88-4


  • Kay Murphy / The Breakdown of Consciousness in a Latent Adolescent: The Phenomenology of a Subjective Study
  • Leslie Anice Barnett / Math
  • T. L. Toma / Nine Novels Murdered Young
  • Darlene Moore / Sex Sounds at a Distance
  • Richard Kostelanetz / Epiphanies
  • Barbara Henning / Detour
  • Juan Felipe Herrera f Poetic Report on Servants: Toward A Model for Urban Hispaniks USA; San Francisco De Así

Focus: [Third World] Women’s Writing:

  • Darlene J. Sadlier / Making the Difference: Brazilian Women Writing
  • Lya Luft / The Left Wing of the Angel
  • Maggie Humm / “an experimental collage, an adventurous college” Feminism in Brazil
  • Ester Gimbernat de González / The Eloquence of Silence: Argentine Women Authors after the “Proceso”
  • Georgiana M. M. Colvile / Mapping New Narratives: Contemporary Directions in Quebec Women’s Fiction
  • Barbara Bennett Peterson and He Hong Fei / Contemporary Chinese Women Writers
  • Wang Meng / A Case of Eloquence; Helping Each Other; A Man Upholding Unity
  • Fred Moramarco / Poem Found in a Letter of Application to Graduate School from Beijing (after Tienanmen Square Massacre)
  • Dionisio D. Martínez / Sundays in Lima
  • Susan Daitch / X ? Y
  • Michael Krekorian / Telemorphology
  • Gene Wolfe / Alphabet
  • Robert Gregory / Fairy Tale
  • Derek Pell / Query of Venus: A Rhetorical Text for Anais Nin
  • Jürg Laederach / Alcowyn Hotel, Massachusetts
  • Rivanne Sandier / Writers and Censorship in Iran: 1960s—1970s
  • Michael Morrissey / Jack Kerouac Sat Down beside the Wanganui River and Wept
  • Mark Amerika / BIG ARTIST MAN / Channeling Vision
  • Raymond Federman / Samuel Beckett, The Gift of Words


  • Peter Brooker / Line Break: Poetry As Social Practice, by James Scully
  • Harry Polkinhorn / Word Cultures: Radical Theory and Practice in William S. Burroughs’ Fiction, by Robin Lydenberg


  • Norman Conquest
  • Rupert García
  • Emma Amos
  • Christer Themptander
  • Contributors’ Notes
  • Front Cover Rupert García, “Political Prisoner” courtesy Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, gift of the artist.
  • Inside Front Cover Maggie Jaffe, U. S. Political prisoners

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