Issue #26: Beuyscout Shock Tales

Issue #26: Beuyscout Shock Tales

Issue: #26, Beuyscout Shock Tales
Spring 1994


  • Joe Ashby Porter / “An Errand”
  • Steven Duplij / “Your Dying Inside Me”
  • Sesshu Foster / two texts
  • Lynne Butler Oaks / “Loon Country by Canoe”
  • Aurelie Sheehan / “Jack Kerouac Is Pregnant”
  • Ted Grossman / “Boxes”
  • Mel Freilicher / “River of Buttermilk; House of Pancakes: Tales of Class and Revenge”
  • R Bartkowech / “Science Fiction Story”
  • Don Webb / “The Haunting of the Hashknife”
  • Brian Swann / three texts
  • Jonathan Brannen / “Sway”
  • D. E. Steward / “January”
  • Marie-José Fortis / “No Exit for Jean-Paul Sartre”
  • Richard Kostelanetz / from “Transformations”
  • Harry Polkinhorn / “Who Killed Umberto Eco?”


  • John Noto reviews Book: The Gothic Twilight, by Stephen-Paul Martin
  • Andrew Koopmans reviews Culture Wars, edited by Richard Bolton


  • Rimma Gerlovina, Valery Gerlovin / two images from preFace
  • Klaus Staeck / “Joseph Beuys series”
  • Carla Kerper / two images
  • Norman Conquest / “The Lesson”
  • Contributors’ Notes

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