Harold Jaffe’s Revolutionary Brain

Revolutionary Brain, the newest book by Fiction International Editor-in-Chief Harold Jaffe will be released December 6th, 2012, from Guide Dog Books.

Revolutionary Brain by Harold JaffeIn this timely collection of essays and “quasi-essays,” acclaimed novelist and critic Harold Jaffe explores the maddening chord changes of millennial culture. Gesturing, in a philosophical shorthand, toward a kind of pop Armageddon, Revolutionary Brain is at once thesis, allegory, and surreal comedy, demonstrating just how far we, and the natural world we have debauched, have fallen. Obsessed with technology, we are incapable of reconstructing ourselves. By way of Jaffe’s elegant prose and perfect pitch, our collective disability is laid bare at the 11th hour. Revolutionary Brain is a powerful cry for a brave new aesthetics that turns towards, not away, from our tormented globe.

According to Jonathan Baumbach, author of You: Or the Invention of Memory, “This witty and explosive book is an indictment of injustice and spurious morality and a call to art and enlightened activism as healing alternatives.”

Order from Raw Dog Screaming Press or view the full press release.


Call for submissions to Fiction International’s Real Time/Virtual issue

“Virtual” is not just interfacing with “real” time  but devouring it–at least in “developed” nations. Half the world, including much of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the elderly everywhere still inhabit real time, but these millions scarcely count. The electronic revolution/devolution seems unstoppable. Who is really profiting from it?

Fiction, non-fiction, indeterminate prose, and visuals which address “Real Time/Virtual” are welcome. Please submit hard copy from 9/1 to 12/15 2012 to:

Harold Jaffe, Editor
Fiction International
Dept of English
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA USA 92182-6020
Query: <hjaffe@mail.sdsu.edu>

New Submission Theme

Our theme for the Fall 2012 reading period will be “Real Time/Virtual.” This submission period will begin September 1, 2012 and conclude December 15, 2012.

Virtual” is not just interfacing with “real” time but devouring it — at least in so-called developed nations. Probably half the world, including much of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the elderly everywhere still inhabit real time, but these millions scarcely count. The electronic revolution (devolution) is a juggernaut. Who is really profiting from it?

Please see our guidelines at “submit” for submission details and addresses.

#43: Walls

Issue #43: Walls contains fiction and art centered around the theme of WALLS.

#44 Deviate (DV8)

Our newest issue, #44, is called Deviate (DV8).

Hello world!

FI #44: DV8

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