“Art-Making in the Technosphere” Part 2 (Or: Ice Cream Congratulations)

Notes from the the Technosphere:

Diving back into the collaboration…
How do words fit in? Are we in space? And if so, who paid for our ride?

“…when giant corporations own the means of production and make barriers so low—not in order to democratize art, but in pursuit of the long tail, firm in the knowledge that a buck off a million books that sell one copy each is the same as a buck each from a million identical Fifty Shades of Greys—well, perhaps there is a slight devaluation of said art. Definitely there is a commodification.”

How can we taste the real?

Congratulations to FI Assistant Editor Ryan Forsythe for publication of “Untitled” in City Beat’s “Fiction 101” contest.  Find out how Roger learned the difference between the real and the imitation here:

And read the rest of “Art-Making in the Technosphere,” here:

What have you commodified today?


Call for submissions to Fiction International’s Real Time/Virtual issue

“Virtual” is not just interfacing with “real” time  but devouring it–at least in “developed” nations. Half the world, including much of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the elderly everywhere still inhabit real time, but these millions scarcely count. The electronic revolution/devolution seems unstoppable. Who is really profiting from it?

Fiction, non-fiction, indeterminate prose, and visuals which address “Real Time/Virtual” are welcome. Please submit hard copy from 9/1 to 12/15 2012 to:

Harold Jaffe, Editor
Fiction International
Dept of English
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA USA 92182-6020
Query: <hjaffe@mail.sdsu.edu>