Welcome to: “Art-Making in the Technosphere”

A Sneak Peek into the Real Time/Virtual:

Somewhere between their actual bodies and the Technosphere that waits to envelop them….

Eight writers intertwined, incorporating real words into virtual art. Or was that virtual words into real art? It was, in fact, “Art-Making in the Technosphere.”

Converging on this topic, eight adept and proficient MFA students immersed themselves into how art fits in our Real Time/Virtual world.

Congratulations to Andy O’Clancy, Natalie Quave, Chad Stroup, Randall Lahrman, Ryan Forsythe, Jo Ellen Aragon, Carla Wilson, and Francois Bereaud for their collaborative accomplishment and their willingness to artfully explore this topic.

From, “Art-Making in the Technosphere”:

The reunion of the devices! A cooperative effort. We carted all we could, our pilgrimage ending at one site. There, we built. Phonographs, transistor radios, stopwatches, televisions, cellular telephones, laptops, screen tablets. Our useful misshapen bricks. We toiled. Arranging, stacking.

Our structure—finished.
Go inside. Peer amid the archives…

You can “go inside.” Find the full preview of the collaboration here: