Fiction International was named one of the “top literary magazines in America” among 2,000 eligible journals, according to Literary Magazine Review’s survey of over one hundred editors and writers.

Founded by Joe David Bellamy in 1973 at St. Lawrence University in New York, Fiction International was relocated to San Diego State University in 1983. It was edited by Harold Jaffe and Larry McCaffery until 1992, when Harold Jaffe assumed sole editorship.

Having published works by authors such as William Burroughs, Robert Coover, Edmund White, Joyce Carol Oates, Walter Abish, Kathy Acker, Ai, Allen Ginsberg, Alberto Moravia (Italy), Pierre Guyotat, George Perec, and Michel Serres (France), Claribel Alegria (Nicaragua), Tadeus Konwicki (Poland), J.M. Coetzee and Bessie Head (South Africa), Roque Dalton (El Salvador), Luisa Valenzuela (Argentina), Einar Schleef (Germany), Lya Luft (Brazil), Mridula Garg (India), Kanuko Okamuto (Japan), Michael Morrisey (New Zealand), Fiction International is the only literary journal in the United States emphasizing formal innovation and social activism. It features a wide variety of fiction, nonfiction, indeterminate prose, and visuals by leading writers and artists from around the world.

Each issue of Fiction International is devoted to a theme. Please check the Posts for our announcement of the newest theme.

Learn more about Fiction International by emailing the editor or scanning our catalogue.

Editor Harold Jaffe’s latest books include, Death Cafe (AntiOedipus 2015), Othello Blues [Revised] (JEF Books 2014), Induced Coma (AntiOedipus 2014) and Revolutionary Brain (Guide Dog Books 2012)


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