The San Diego State University Collection; Harold Jaffe, Editor in Chief.

Issue 45 About Seeing cover

Issue #45: About Seeing 

Issue #44: DV8

Issue #43: Walls

Issue #42: The Artist in Wartime

Issue #41: Freak

Issue #40: Animals

Issue #39: Abject / Outcast

Issue #38: Sacred / Shamanic

Issue #37: War / Resist

Issue #36: Ecstasy

Issue #35: Fetish

Issue #34: Madness II

Issue #33: Madness

Issue #32: Sabotage

Issue #31: Terror(isms)

Issue #30: Pain II

Issue #29: Pain

Issue #28: Visual Writing from Brazil

Issue #27: Political Correctness

Issue #26: Beuyscout Shock Tales

Issue #25: Mexican Fiction

Issue #24: Japanese Fiction

Issue #23: Visual Art Against War

Issue #22: Pornography & Censorship

Issue #21

Issue #20: American Indian Writers

Issue #19.2: AIDS Art

Issue #19.1: Third World Women Writers

Issue #18.2

Issue #18.1

Issue #17.2: Futurismo

Issue #17.1

Issue #16.2: Central American Writing

Issue #16.1

Issue #15.2

Issue #15.1: Writing & Politics

The St. Lawrence University Collection; Joe David Bellamy, Editor in Chief.

According to his recent memoir, The Lost Saranac Interviews: Forgotten Conversations with Famous Writers, Joe David Bellamy founded the Fiction International magazine and press, the St. Lawrence Award for Fiction, and the Saranac Writer’s Conference. His association with Fiction International ended in 1980, when he realized he “had spent the decade of the seventies engaged in far too many activities that began to seem by 1980 to be a distraction from my true purpose in life…”

These first five issues weren’t exclusively fiction: They included interviews, critiques, poetry, prose poems, and reviews.

Nevertheless, his decade’s output of fiction reflects the range of young, talented writers and editors he attracted to the Saranac Writers Conference and to St. Lawrence University, including (but not limited to): Jerry Bumpus, Tess Gallagher, Gary Snyder, and Asa Baber (2/3); Joyce Carol Oates, Walter Abish, Larry McCaffery, and Jerome Klinkowitz (4/5); Russell Banks, Robley Wilson, Jr., and Clarke Blaise (6/7). He then changed his editorial strategy to devoting one entire issue to a single writer: Robley Wilson, Jr. (8/9) and Asa Baber (10/11).

New (not used) copies of the first five issues of the St. Lawrence University Collection can be purchased exclusively through this website. They are not available on Amazon or St. Lawrence University Press or any other venue. If you are interested in reading work inspired and influenced by the writers attending the Saranac Conference (like Margaret Atwood, Ann Beattie, Carolyn Forché and John Hawkes, you will want to read one.

Issue #14: Love Stories / Love Poems

Issue #13: New Writers for the Eighties

Issue #12: Moral Fiction

Issue #10/11: Asa Baber

Issue #8/9: Robley Wilson, Jr.

Issue #6/7: Various

Issue #4/5: Various

Issue #2/3: Various

Issue #1: Various


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